Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bad calls mar Phillies loss

One of the worst calls of the season last night in Miami as shown on the FightinPhillies 'super slow mo' gif above had a lot of people really wanting instant replay. It's calls like this that make you wonder why this wasn't brought in years ago.

In a separate call in  the same half-inning, the Phillies are redeemed by another bad call, but one that Phillies fans didn't really complain all about, it was that 'out' nod by CB Bucknor at first base that said it all.

That's some of the human drama that may be missing next year as some instant replay is fazed in, imagine a 4 hour game with instant replays, that could happen as it takes time for the umps to convene and check the videos if they are going to do it like they presently do.Instant replay will definitely take a lot of the 'human element' from this game.

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