Sunday, August 11, 2013

Phillies Paper Thin Bullpen contributes to 10th Phils Road Loss in a Row

The news this year has been all about how poorly the Phillies are playing. They showed that side of them again last night, as the bullpen came in and blew another game for this baseball team. Ruben Amaro has been strangely silent about the bullpen, and he hasn't done too much to adjust it's losing ways from the executive office, so the 'pen keeps causing this team misery.

The Nationals came in and ripped the Phillies bullpen for 5 runs and ruined Cliff Lee's night as he had a 1-run lead before his night was over on the mound for the Phillies. The Nats, who have had their own troubles this year, beat the listless Phillies and their lifeless bullpen 8-5.

The Phillies bullpen is even worse than last year's team, if that is possible. How Jake Diekman and Raul Valdes still have a job on the team is beyond this writer's comprehension. Antonio Bastardo was really bad too, and the baseball gods that intervene when someone is cheating by taking illegal substances intervened in his case and put him on the shelf, at a minimum he can't hurt this ballclub anymore.

The Phillies now appear as a rudderless ship out drifting powerless in a stormy sea. Nothing that Charlie Manuel does to the lineup is working, the team is in a total state of collapse and the front office hasn't made any significant moves to make this ball team better.

Total Team Pitching stats sort by ERA as of August 11, 2013:

Phillies Relief Pitching stats sort by OBP as of August 11, 2013:

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