Friday, August 23, 2013

GM Ruben Amaro's signings are puzzling

You knew Charlie Manuel had to be fired from this Phillies team before the season ended. Why? If Manuel wasn't fired with a few months to go in the season, the bad spotlight of this season would have shown not only on Charlie Manuel but also on Ruben Amaro Jr. for his inability to make good pickups on available players to turn this team around.

Now, the focus has shifted a little from the overall shadow of how bad this team really is to Ryne Sandberg, and what he'll be doing differently with the same bunch of players to make a difference.

The players that Ruben Amaro has added to this Phillies team doesn't make any sense. He's tried to add some players this year but everyone that the Phillies sign is a head scratcher, like the Phillies are fishing the availability of the cheapest and oddest players on the market.

Let's look at a few acquisitions for the Phillies from this season:

 All of these type of signings with the Phillies and yet no moves at the trade deadline? Very strange or the more likely explanation is that now, no other team had any interest in any of the players on the Phillies except for Cliff Lee.

Bernadina batted .291 for the Nationals in 2012, but this year he has been abysmal with a .172 BA with 2 HR and 6 RBI with 152 AB with the Nationals in 2013.

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