Monday, July 22, 2013

Ex-Phillies wonder if stadium is to blame for players' brain cancer

Ex-Phillies wonder if stadium is to blame for players' brain cancer:

Veteran's Stadium was the home of the Phillies from 1971 to 2003

Right after I heard the news of Darren Daulton having brain cancer, I immediately thought about Veterans Stadium, it was all artificial turf and when that place got hot, it sizzled. Was there something more in the air at Veterans Stadium when that happened? Was it something else? That very though is on the minds of ex-Phillies players and coaches this very day.

There was a full page article that appeared in the USA Today, which you can read by clicking the link at the top of this article. There is just too many players not to have this logical thought of where all these players spent a large amount of time playing at: Philadelphia.

There seems to be a high amount of this cancer that has affected a few people in particular and now former players and even anyone on the field and in the Phillies organization has reason to be concerned.

This is something that is no longer an isolated incident, and now will be getting a lot more attention in the media and that is good. Summer temperatures in the 90's and above reacting to chemicals in the astroturf? We may never know the truth but with this news of Darren Daulton having cancer, there is yet more evidence that something was wrong, deadly wrong.

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