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Will Dom Brown participate in the Home Run Derby in All Star 2013

The word from Domonic Brown and participating in the Home Run Derby hasn't been positive lately, but I am thinking we'll see Domonic Brown in his first ever All Star appearance for the Phillies this year. The 21 home runs he has as of the time I write this has got to be what it takes for Domonic Brown to take the national stage and enter the Home Run Derby also.

The Home Run Derby has become a big part of the All Star Game experience, and this year of course with the game being held in New York, it's a great chance for Brown to get maximum exposure. The Derby is on Monday, July 15th at Citi Field, just one night before the best time ever for any player to be named an 'All Star' that of course is the All Star Game on Tuesday, July 16th.

In the past, Ryan Howard took to the Home Run Derby, he was a regular contender in this contest for a couple years and then he appeared to turn his back on it. Why? He was still somewhat young when he made the decision to stop and then announced that he didn't think he was playing that well after he entered a home-run derby some years ago. I don't mean to be smug, but Howard still hasn't recovered and I don't think it was from participating in a Home Run Derby.

Let's hope Dom remembers that he's only young once, and years from now he'll wonder 'What if" and  'if' he would have entered the home run derby. It's about promoting yourself as a player, and Brown could do a lot of that just by showing up for such a contest.

Brown's career Home Runs: (as of 9:00 pm Friday)

2010 HRsDate@BatPitcherScore
12010-08-10PHILADRonald Belisariobehind 4-11
22010-08-18PHISFGGuillermo Motaahead 7-2
2011 HRsDate@BatPitcherScore
32011-05-31PHI@WSNJason Marquisbehind 0-5
42011-06-10PHICHCCarlos Zambranoahead 1-0
52011-06-14PHIFLAChris Volstadahead 4-1
62011-06-14PHIFLAEdward Mujicaahead 8-1
72011-06-28PHIBOSJosh Becketttied 0-0
2012 HRsDate@BatPitcherScore
82012-08-22PHICINBronson Arroyobehind 0-2
92012-09-10PHIMIAWade LeBlanctied 0-0
102012-09-14PHI@HOUJose Valdezahead 7-4
112012-09-17PHI@NYMR.A. Dickeyahead 2-1
122012-09-25PHIWSNCraig Stammenahead 5-3
2013 HRsDate@BatPitcherScore
132013-04-05PHIKCRWade Davisahead 1-0
142013-04-10PHINYMJeremy Hefnerahead 2-0
152013-04-27PHI@NYMRobert Carsonahead 4-2
162013-05-02PHIMIAAlex Sanabiabehind 0-1
172013-05-03PHIMIARicky Nolascoahead 3-1
182013-05-06PHI@SFGMadison Bumgarnerahead 4-1
192013-05-14PHICLEScott Kazmirahead 3-2
202013-05-20PHI@MIAAlex Sanabiabehind 0-1
212013-05-25PHI@WSNDan Harentied 0-0
222013-05-27PHI@BOSAndrew Millerbehind 1-8
232013-05-28PHI@BOSJunichi Tazawaahead 2-1
242013-05-29PHIBOSJohn Lackeytied 1-1
252013-05-29PHIBOSKoji Ueharaahead 3-2
262013-05-31PHIMILYovani Gallardotied 0-0
272013-05-31PHIMILYovani Gallardobehind 4-7
282013-06-02PHIMILMike Fierstied 0-0
292013-06-03PHIMIATom Koehlerahead 3-2
302013-06-05PHIMIAA.J. Ramosahead 4-1
312013-06-08PHI@MILTom Gorzelannytied 0-0
322013-06-25PHI@SDPJason Marquisbehind 0-2
332013-06-27PHI@LADZack Greinkebehind 0-3
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