Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rain may force cancellation of game 2 with Nats series

As of 3:15pm, the rain clouds are looking ominous in the Philadelphia area, and may drop enough rain in the next few hours to force a postponement of Game 2 of the Phillies / Nats series.

The Phils pulled out a lucky win last night, a rare blown save and win by Jonathan Papelbon, but more importantly a step closer to the Washington Nationals in the standings.

The Phillies, as bad as they have been playing lately, may not be all that bad if they can turn things around and start stringing together wins.

The Phils are now just 1 GB from the Nationals in the standings, and the two teams play each other many more times this year.

What's so interesting about this Phillies team is that they just won't stop, despite all of the obstacles that appear to at times leave them unable to get a hit against mediocre pitchers. Add that to the games that the Phillies offense have stranded their starting pitchers on the mound without being able to score, and if the Phillies do make it to the playoffs this year, it may rival the 1993 team in all of the weird things that have been going in this season.

Game 2 is on tap tonight, it's Cliff Lee (8-2) on the mound for the Phils tonight, weather permitting.

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