Monday, June 24, 2013

Manuel's last stand with the Phillies?

Charlie Manuel is not a fan of Philadelphia sports reporter Howard Eskin

The Phillies haven't been playing like they've used to play this season. We've seen time after time and game after game where certain fundamentals have been lost by certain players at times. Yet, Charlie still defends them to the end. Ryan Howard can seemingly do no wrong at all with the skipper.

A story at had a really mad Charlie Manuel talking about Jonathan Papelbon and his comments that other players 'weren't in position' upon him blowing a game the other night. Charlie was really upset with the comments and said that he's been stressing about fundamentals all year, the Phillies just haven't been following through with it sometimes however. Manuel said he needed to speak to Papelbon but he also asked the reporter 'What do you think, I'm afraid of him?" - so we can see Charlie is not too happy with Papelbon anymore.

There was a verbal spar that has happened with reporter Howard Eskin the other day, and it's not the first time that Eskin and Manuel have went at it. Eskin can be irritating and I am surprised the Phillies management even allows him in the press room, especially with how far off base he can be with certain issues.

A lot of media stories have been coming out that the Phillies are dysfunctional now, and this story in particular points to a lot of the reasons why they may be dysfunctional.

Are we looking at the last stand by Charlie Manuel with this Phillies team? There has been so much happening, and most of it hasn't been good. Can a team that seems this divided on the surface actually pull together and make something good happen?

Managers like Charlie Manuel don't like players to air their dirty laundry to the press, he prefers that it would be kept in the stadium and within the team, and come to think about it there hasn't been too much of the 'blame game' on the team in the last few years, you rarely heard a player calling another's mistake out, but what is the right thing to do?

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  1. Go Charlie! If you're going down take Eskin with you. Not only does he (Eskin) know nothing, he's a loud mouth and obviously never played a game in his life.