Saturday, June 29, 2013

Delmon Young with career high 6 RBI as Phils crush Dodgers 16-1

I think this was the player the Phillies thought they were getting when they inked Delmon Young to a deal. He really hasn't shown us this side of him, but last night Young banged in 6 RBI as the Phillies trounced the Dodgers 16-1.

Ryan Howard didn't get in on the feeding frenzy as the Phillies succeeded without him as he is mired in a slump of 0-16 at the moment.

John Lannan got his first win as a Phillies pitcher and even went 3-4 himself at the plate.

Maybe the Phillies should have saved some of this offense for the next game? We'll see if they can continue where they left off.

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