Saturday, June 29, 2013

Will Dom Brown participate in the Home Run Derby in All Star 2013

The word from Domonic Brown and participating in the Home Run Derby hasn't been positive lately, but I am thinking we'll see Domonic Brown in his first ever All Star appearance for the Phillies this year. The 21 home runs he has as of the time I write this has got to be what it takes for Domonic Brown to take the national stage and enter the Home Run Derby also.

The Home Run Derby has become a big part of the All Star Game experience, and this year of course with the game being held in New York, it's a great chance for Brown to get maximum exposure. The Derby is on Monday, July 15th at Citi Field, just one night before the best time ever for any player to be named an 'All Star' that of course is the All Star Game on Tuesday, July 16th.

In the past, Ryan Howard took to the Home Run Derby, he was a regular contender in this contest for a couple years and then he appeared to turn his back on it. Why? He was still somewhat young when he made the decision to stop and then announced that he didn't think he was playing that well after he entered a home-run derby some years ago. I don't mean to be smug, but Howard still hasn't recovered and I don't think it was from participating in a Home Run Derby.

Let's hope Dom remembers that he's only young once, and years from now he'll wonder 'What if" and  'if' he would have entered the home run derby. It's about promoting yourself as a player, and Brown could do a lot of that just by showing up for such a contest.

Brown's career Home Runs: (as of 9:00 pm Friday)

2010 HRsDate@BatPitcherScore
12010-08-10PHILADRonald Belisariobehind 4-11
22010-08-18PHISFGGuillermo Motaahead 7-2
2011 HRsDate@BatPitcherScore
32011-05-31PHI@WSNJason Marquisbehind 0-5
42011-06-10PHICHCCarlos Zambranoahead 1-0
52011-06-14PHIFLAChris Volstadahead 4-1
62011-06-14PHIFLAEdward Mujicaahead 8-1
72011-06-28PHIBOSJosh Becketttied 0-0
2012 HRsDate@BatPitcherScore
82012-08-22PHICINBronson Arroyobehind 0-2
92012-09-10PHIMIAWade LeBlanctied 0-0
102012-09-14PHI@HOUJose Valdezahead 7-4
112012-09-17PHI@NYMR.A. Dickeyahead 2-1
122012-09-25PHIWSNCraig Stammenahead 5-3
2013 HRsDate@BatPitcherScore
132013-04-05PHIKCRWade Davisahead 1-0
142013-04-10PHINYMJeremy Hefnerahead 2-0
152013-04-27PHI@NYMRobert Carsonahead 4-2
162013-05-02PHIMIAAlex Sanabiabehind 0-1
172013-05-03PHIMIARicky Nolascoahead 3-1
182013-05-06PHI@SFGMadison Bumgarnerahead 4-1
192013-05-14PHICLEScott Kazmirahead 3-2
202013-05-20PHI@MIAAlex Sanabiabehind 0-1
212013-05-25PHI@WSNDan Harentied 0-0
222013-05-27PHI@BOSAndrew Millerbehind 1-8
232013-05-28PHI@BOSJunichi Tazawaahead 2-1
242013-05-29PHIBOSJohn Lackeytied 1-1
252013-05-29PHIBOSKoji Ueharaahead 3-2
262013-05-31PHIMILYovani Gallardotied 0-0
272013-05-31PHIMILYovani Gallardobehind 4-7
282013-06-02PHIMILMike Fierstied 0-0
292013-06-03PHIMIATom Koehlerahead 3-2
302013-06-05PHIMIAA.J. Ramosahead 4-1
312013-06-08PHI@MILTom Gorzelannytied 0-0
322013-06-25PHI@SDPJason Marquisbehind 0-2
332013-06-27PHI@LADZack Greinkebehind 0-3
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Delmon Young with career high 6 RBI as Phils crush Dodgers 16-1

I think this was the player the Phillies thought they were getting when they inked Delmon Young to a deal. He really hasn't shown us this side of him, but last night Young banged in 6 RBI as the Phillies trounced the Dodgers 16-1.

Ryan Howard didn't get in on the feeding frenzy as the Phillies succeeded without him as he is mired in a slump of 0-16 at the moment.

John Lannan got his first win as a Phillies pitcher and even went 3-4 himself at the plate.

Maybe the Phillies should have saved some of this offense for the next game? We'll see if they can continue where they left off.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Dodgers not pulling their weight, much like the Phillies

The Dodgers have Yasiel Puig, a rookie sensation, will the Phillies ever bring up Darin Ruf to the big game?

The LA Dodgers emerged out of a very sketchy financial situation in the past couple years, the storm appeared to be over when the old owners of the Dodgers, the McCourt Family owned the Dodgers but in 2011, the whole franchise unraveled and the MLB had to assume control of the club when Frank McCourt entered the club into bankruptcy as he and his wife, Jamie McCourt, were in divorce proceedings and could no longer manage the ballclub.

A group of investors swept in and in 2013 the Dodgers are a team that appear to be built to win, they've beefed up their payroll and added some big names to this ballclub that was expected to be near the top of the NL West.

The Dodgers are currently at the bottom of the NL West though, and are very much equal to the Phillies in that this team was built to be a winner but so far has disappointed.

One real bright spot of the Dodgers has been the play of Yasiel Puig, no that's not the latest fancy European sportscar name, that's the name of the latest Dodger rookie that appears to be next to make it big in the big leagues. He showed his clutch performance on Thursday night when he got the game winning hit over the Phillies.

Despite having Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke, and Hanley Ramirez, the Dodgers are missing a key component to winning baseball games. The component is producing runs, they are 26th in the MLB in the runs production category.

The Phillies are again about the same as the Dodgers in a lot of categories, The Phillies are 23rd in the league in runs production, and again that lack of production is evident in them being well under .500 and really not a good ballclub all things being equal.

Can either one of these clubs achieve better success in 2013?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Is it the right time to trade off this Phillies team?

Time has caught up to the Phillies in 2013

The Phillies great run appears to be long over, the five year span from 2007 through 2011 had been some of the greatest baseball this city has ever seen with the Phillies, it's 2013 now and this Phillies team has certainly changed and not for the better.

Yes, we'll have the memories, just like we have the memory of Brad Lidge's perfect season. This was something that you just don't see all the time, but the fans in this era of Phillies baseball were lucky enough to witness.

We have 1 perfect game memory by Roy Halladay, and one no-hitter that came during the playoffs. The perfect game came early in the 2010 season (It was only the 20th Perfect Game in MLB history), on May 29th vs. the Florida Marlins. Roy threw 115 pitches and didn't allow a hit or a walk during the entire game. That was only the 10th time in Phillies history that a starting pitcher 'no hit' the opposing team, and the 2nd perfect game in franchise history. Halladay has been nothing but a class act with the Phillies, he celebrated by ordering 60 swiss made Baume and Mercier watches for teammates and clubhouse personnel and had them all inscribed with his perfect game line score, date of the game, and their name.

Roy Halladay ( making his first ever postseason appearance) allowed 1 walk in the October 6th 2010 NLDS against the Cincinnati Reds and nothing else. He came very close to throwing 2 perfect games in a season, but a no-hitter has never been thrown before by a Phillies pitcher, it was the first time that this has happened in the entire Phillies history. It was only the 2nd time in MLB history that this has happened, the other time coming in 1956 with Don Larson of the LA Dodgers.

We have a lot of happy times with seeing Ryan Howard start to rise towards superstardom with the youngest player to hit 100 HR ever, and we've been along for the ride with him. Lately Howard hasn't been nearly the player that we used to see, a few injuries and a lot of strikeouts since he signed a $126M extension a couple years ago, Howard is no longer the superstar that carries this team.

Chase Utley has seen a resurgence this season after some had wondered if his career was over. We'll never forget the speech by Chase after the Phillies won the World Series in 2008. His short compact swing explodes every now and again, but not like it used to.

We have the memories of Cliff Lee and his dazzling performances in the World Series and playoffs for the Phillies, and the nice season he is having so far. We'll remember that catch in the World Series against the Yankees when Lee just sort of stuck his glove out and snared a pop-up like he was a man on a mission, a pitcher that desperately now wants to win, but doesn't seem like it's going to happen that way with this Phillies team this year.

Yes, this may be the right time to break off another piece of this team. It's changing slowly over the years since the best time in a very long time for Phillies fans but now the pendulum has been swinging the other way.

Phils take Game 2 in San Diego

Jonathan Papelbon wasn't on the mound to close out last night's victory against the Padres. That may be a good thing both for him and for the Phils. Papelbon has gone through the worst time in his Phillies career so far with a string of 4 blown saves that all piled up within about a week's time.

The Phils were powered by Dom Brown last night, and his homer and 4 RBI was the fuel that the Phillies needed to win last night in San Diego.

It's the final game of the Padres series tonight at 10:10, the Phillies move up to LA for a 4-game series that goes through the weekend starting Thursday night. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Padres pummell bullpen, Phillies continue the funk - Amaro has been silent

What will Ruben Amaro do with this team at the trade deadline this year?

The Padres looked as if they won the World Series last night when the team beat the Phillies and once again, the Phillies bullpen imploded and lost another game for this team that is now reeling and in need of a total makeover of the entire pen.

The Phillies desperately need to scrap this bullpen and get a competent relief core in if this team is to have any chance of even finishing .500 this year. Forget about the playoffs, that is so far removed from what we are seeing on the field.

Jonathan Papelbon has 4 blown saves now for the team and he is included in the cleaning - if you could find a team to take him. That wouldn't be easy though, every time he has been called upon this week to close out a game, he has given it up. What went wrong with Papelbon?

Through all of this state of collapse by the Phillies, GM Ruben Amaro hasn't been saying much about his team to the press. He's been strangely silent and not tipping his hat to say anything except the normal, "We need to win" type of comments. Could we be seeing the unravelling of this whole franchise from the GM and down?

Here is how Jonathan Papelbon's June has been for the Phillies? Pap has had 4 blown saves in a week's time, starting on the June 18th game vs. Washington. Two of Papelbon's blown saves were nullified as the Phillies came back to win the game in the bottom of the 9th inning.

Rk Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec IP Entered Exited
June Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec IP Entered Exited
21 Jun 4 PHI MIA W,7-3 9-9 1.0 9t --- 0 out tie 9t 3 out tie
22 Jun 9 PHI @ MIL L,1-9 8-GF(8) 1.0 8b --- 0 out d7 8b end d 8
23 Jun 13 PHI @ MIN W,3-2 9-GF S(12) 1.0 9b --- 0 out a1 9b end a 1
24 Jun 14 PHI @ COL W,8-7 9-GF S(13) 1.0 9b --- 0 out a1 9b end a 1
25 Jun 17 PHI WSN W,5-4 9-GF BW(1-0) 1.0 9t --- 0 out a1 9t end tie
26 Jun 18 PHI WSN W,4-2 9-GF S(14) 1.0 9t --- 0 out a2 9t end a 2
27 Jun 19 PHI WSN L,2-6 9-9 BS(2) 1.0 9t --- 0 out a1 9t 3 out tie
28 Jun 22 PHI NYM W,8-7 9-GF BW(2-0) 1.0 9t --- 0 out a2 9t end tie
29 Jun 24 PHI @ SDP L,3-4 9-9 BS(4) 1.0 9b -23 0 out a3 9b 3 out tie
PHI 29.2
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