Monday, May 06, 2013

When the Phils traded Pence - this Phils team has been spiraling ever since

The Phillies traded Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino at or before the trade deadline last year, those two moves may have changed this team forever, certainly it's changed the whole complexion of the team and in this blogger's opinion, the Phillies continue to suffer for it.

The Phillies main weakness is the whole outfield now, on any given night they haven't been a unified force to get anything going, yes there was been some nice catches out there, but this isn't a powerhouse type of lineup with the likes of Revere, Mayberry, and Brown.

Here's an interview last night with Hunter Pence how he's making things happen with the first place San Francisco Giants.

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  1. miss 'im. gangly, geekly, goofy miss 'im