Thursday, May 02, 2013

Are the Phillies begging to be broken up?

The Phillies road trip to Cleveland and what happened out there is putting a question forward. Is this Phillies team just begging to be broken up and started up from scratch as the Miami Marlins did in the off-season?

The Phils have one of the top payrolls in the league, and with the results that they have been producing, it's probably not too long before something happens because of it. A 14-2 loss on Tuesday night and a 6-0 loss both against the Indians could be the start of changes for this Phillies team.

Three Phillies pitchers are making at or above $20 million this season alone. Cliff Lee at $25M - Cole Hamels at $20.5M and Roy Halladay at $20M. The offense isn't doing too poorly either, Ryan Howard is getting $20M, Chase Utley is the highest paid 2nd baseman in the league at $15.285M, and Jimmy Rollins is one of the highest paid shortstops in the league at $11M. Is this high salary all for nothing? The team at times looks terrible. The team is somewhat healthy too. So what's the reason for all of this?

According to USA Today, the Phillies have the third highest payroll in baseball after the Yankees and the Dodgers. 

The Phils return home for a 4 game homestand with the Marlins, Kyle Kendrick is on the mound. I suspect some boo-birds will be in the stands to welcome this team back if they don't produce tonight. Last night, they could only manage to get 3 hits for the whole night. Is there something deeper in this team that no one knows about but them as to why they aren't doing well?

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