Sunday, April 21, 2013

Phils get salvage series vs Cards with ESPN Sunday Night win

ESPN interviews Cardinal slugger, Matt Adams, originally from PA and how he was drafted by the Cards

This wasn't particularly a matchup of top flight teams that are heading to the playoffs any time soon, but Sunday night's game on ESPN gave the Phillies a change in pace and featured them once again on the weekly baseball program. In recent years, the Phillies had become darlings of the Sunday Night Baseball show, they were on about 3-4 times a year when the Phils were doing really well.

This was a game was Kyle Kendrick started and kept the Phillies in the game, it was a real quality start for him, the Cards had a chance to blow this game open as they had the bases loaded with Chad Durbin on the mound. They couldn't bust the game open, and got only 1 run.

The Phillies had the same opportunities in this game but couldn't produce until Ben Revere broke the tie game up and Eric Kratz, who hit a homerun to put this into the win column for the Phillies who scored  4 runs in the 8th inning.

This game will be remembered for the miscues by Chase Utley, for the second straight game Chase had some people wondering if his head was in the game. He ran from second base on a fly ball with only one out, and was doubled up off of second and then on a ground rule double, he was running the bases as if he had hit a homerun. To top off his night, Utley had a throwing error to make 4 errors already for him in the first month of the season in 2013. Last year he only made 7 errors all year and only 5 errors in 2011.

Anytime the Phillies win is a good thing, hopefully this starts happening more. The Pirates are in for 4 straight games now and we'll see how the team shapes up for the battle of Pennsylvania. Last season the Phils had some trouble with the Pirates, they went 3-4 against them for 2012.

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