Sunday, April 21, 2013

Phils falter against the Cards, Kendrick starts tonight for ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

Cliff Lee didn't have all that bad of a game, yes, it was cold and not a very good condition to play baseball, and Lee had some control issues, but the Phillies couldn't get anything going offensively to help. Charlie Manuel said that a lot of the Phillies players that the team has counted on have to step up and start playing better in his post game interview.

The game was at 2-0 Cardinals with 2 outs and there was a ball that was hit to Chase Utley's spot at second base, but inexplicably, Chase broke the wrong way after the ball and it led to 2 more runs the Cardinals scored and that made it 4-0 on just that one play.

The Phillies have logged their first 20 days of the season now, and it's not pretty. The Phillies are 4-6 in their last 10 games, and can't find a winning groove. They are currently next to last in the NL East at fourth place, and they are 1-5 against NL Central teams so far, also have a 6-9 record on night games.

The Phillies came home after a terrible road trip that most recently had them swept in four games in Cincinnati, and now are losing 2 of four games with St. Louis at home, with the series wrap up coming tonight on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.

The team leader on the Phillies in HR's is Chase Utley right now with 3 HR, Ryan Howard who is supposed to be the home run hitter on this team, is sitting at 1 HR and 5 RBI in 16 games played so far this year.

Howard has been 'sore' with a groin problem the last couple games, John Lannan is on the DL and tonight it will be Kyle Kendrick who will start for the Phillies in an attempt to salvage this series.

Strange but true, Diamond flew to Boston and calls Red Sox himself:

Neil Diamond just showed up at Boston's Fenway Park yesterday and phoned in to the stadium and asked if they would like him to sing the Red Sox 7th inning stretch song, 'Sweet Caroline'. He also brought in well wishes from the rest of the country to the Boston area. It looked like it was scripted by the Red Sox management but Diamond did this on his own, and the performance was broadcast on the Fox Saturday Baseball for all to see late in the afternoon.

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