Monday, April 01, 2013

Hamels very happy to be Phils Opening Day starter

It seems like Cole Hamels has done this before, that is of course open the season as the Phillies Opening Day pitcher, for one reason or another though, this is only his first time. Hamels knows the significance of being named the Opening Day pitcher for the team, and he is more than happy to have this honor placed on him and wants the help the Phillies get off to a good start with a win tonight.

The Phillies have had plenty of Opening Day starters throughout their history, Steve Carlton has handled the job the most though since 1970, here is a list of Opening Day starters for the Phillies since 1970:

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  1. Couldnt believe that 'stache when I saw him on CSN last night.. guess I havent been paying that close attention, but wow, that sucker caught me off guard.

    Wow, 14 opening day starts for Carlton.. anyone know why Kaat got the nod in 1976?