Thursday, March 07, 2013

Phillies and Nats are setting the stage for nasty rivalry in '13

It's Roy Halladay on the back page of the Philly Daily News this morning and the article is all a glow about the statements that Halladay made about yesterday's matchup with the Washington Nationals.

Chase Utley was hit by an errant pitch from Stephen Strasburg and then Roy responded back with a pitch that 'slipped' and got behind the Nationals batter, Tyler Moore, the very next time the Nationals were up. This has fanned some of the flames of the rivalry between the two teams, but it also signaled that the Phillies may be done with other teams that are going out and throwing at some of the Phillies.

He's back! Halladay earned his 2nd win of Spring Training yesterday with the 6-3 Phillies win and lowered his ERA to 2.16, Strasburg is no 0-1 with a 5.19 ERA.

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