Friday, March 15, 2013

Hamels gets Opening Day nod, rightly so

The last couple of years, it was Roy Halladay that got the coveted role of Opening Day starter. He deserved it.  Now it's time for Cole Hamels to get a chance at the role of club ace as he gets picked as being Opening Day starter.

Yes, I know if you're like me and have been to Phillies games just last year, the fans were booing poor Cole but apparently things have changed and Cole has a shiny new contract and a new attitude.

Hamels has a championship ring with the Phillies and that is something that neither Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee have yet, but that of course is their goal. What happens along the way may not always work out that way, but it's always the goal.

Hamels made his Phillies debut at 22 years old, and has been with the Phillies going on his 8th year for the 2013 season. My it's fast how times flies. I remember just yesterday when the Phillies brought him up from the minors.

Hamels sports a 91-60 record lifetime with the Phils, and has a 3.34 ERA. Cole is a 3 time All-Star with 1307 strikeouts as well. 

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