Thursday, February 07, 2013

Truckin' - Phils Equipment Truck leaves, Phils almost ready for Pitchers and Catchers 2013

Always a great day, when the Phillies equipment truck officially is packed all up with stuff, lot's of stuff, and exits the stadium in South Philly and goes a couple of blocks to I-95 and heads South bound. So special, it should have a holiday of it's own! The truck left on Wednesday. It takes the truck 2 days to get down to Clearwater, so he'll be unloading on the 8th of February, just in time for the arrival of pitchers and catchers on the 12th of February and the rest of the team on the 15th of February.

It won't be long now till we hear those familiar cracks of baseballs and wooden bats, the smell of popcorn and hot dogs and of course soda, and ice cold beer. It's the moment that baseball fans wait for, the dawn of another season.   

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