Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trout hits out of the ruff! Howard hits first HR of Spring!

Mike Trout can play baseball, everyone knows that by now. He's a South Jersey native as well, so don't expect him to have a great golf game. He found this out in Arizona when he had to play this 'cactus lie'.

The Phillies meanwhile are trudging away with the Spring Training schedule and the first win of the Grapefruit League was earned by Cole Hamels who has seen a little resurgence in his popularity in Philly. Is this the same pitcher that a lot of fans nearly booed off the field at Citizens Bank Park a short time ago?

  Fans clap in approval of Howard's first HR, the Phils were up 5-1 in the 5th vs the Braves when it was hit

Someone who really hasn't heard all that many boos (and probably could have at various times by now) is Ryan Howard. Howard hit his first home run in the Grapefruit League season today. He's moved into the mega-zone of baseball salaries this year, with $25M in the bank by the end of the year. His theme should be "no more excuses." I know I am being a little hard on Howard, but let's see why the Phils have made him a $120M+ man over the next 5 years...

It's March tomorrow... only a month remains now in the Grapefruit League schedule!

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