Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let it be Spring!

From @MLB on twitter

It's time for pitchers and catchers and it won't be long before we hear the cracking of bats and baseballs down in Florida, and over in Arizona. 

A big year for the Phillies awaits. Will they stay healthy and be able to try to climb back up to the top of the NL East that was their kingdom for a 5 year run? 

We're expecting a big year from all the Phillies starters. Doc Halladay was not himself last year, and Charlie Manuel is still waiting for Cole Hamels to turn in a 22 or 24 win season. Cliff Lee isn't too far behind either, he's not been pitching like the same pitcher we saw in the World Series for 2009.

A nasty rumor has sprung up that Halladay may be on the trading block, but for who? I think this is just a rumor, and unless it was for a guy who's named Trout, the Phillies shouldn't even be thinking about it. This is baseball though and stranger things have happened, right now it's just rumor but it's worth mentioning.

The good news is though, that it is finally here. Pitchers and catchers together again, and right after Valentine's Day - it will be the whole team there.

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