Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ex-Phillie Michael Bourn cashes in




Some of the contracts in this off-season have been kind of ridiculous. Teams throwing money around like it were confetti, and now the madness continues right up to the start of Spring Training.

Michael Bourn, formerly of the Phillies and now the Braves, cashed in on a 4 year deal that leaves you wondering why. 4 years and $48M dollars for Bourn, as the Cleveland Indians have apparently lost the concept of the value of money.

Last year Bourn hit 9 HR and drove in 57 RBI for the Braves, and up until yesterday, he was a player without a field. Bourn also hit .274, about his .272 BA over the course of his career. What is astonishing though is over 7 seasons, Bourn only has a combined total of 215 RBI.

Yes, Bourn has some speed, but speed alone doesn’t get you too far. In fact, Bourn swiped 42 bases last year, plus getting caught 13 times last year. Hardly the stuff that is made up of millions of dollars in contracts.

So what does the Tribe see in Bourn? Don’t get me wrong, the man can play baseball, but the results he produces hardly transcends into a $48M deal over 4 years. This may be the worst signing in baseball’s off-season for 2012/2013. Bourn didn’t have a team to go to before yesterday, and I think the Tribe could have signed him for half that amount.

Moneyball takes another turn, and it’s not good. It’s got a trickle down effect as well. Other players look at Bourn and say, “If he got this much, I want this much!”. And so it goes, as prices for tickets keep going up and salaries escalating faster than the public debt in the US, we sit back and wonder how long will it be till the fans don’t feed into this madness and draw the line.

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