Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Carlos Ruiz comes clean on banned substance...kind of

                                   interview courtesy of CSNPhilly

For the first time, Carlos Ruiz addresses the media on his use of a banned substance in baseball. "We got our rules, and you make and mistake and you pay," is what Carlos Ruiz said down in Florida at the opening day of Spring Training for 2013.

The press did try to get some more out of him, and Ruiz refused to make his private medical business known to the media, but acknowledged that he made a mistake and he apologizes for it.

Yes, he'll pay. His lost salary and 'fall from grace' from his family and fans to go with it, is all combined to leave Ruiz a bit more humble than usual.

In this day of drug testing and enhanced scrutiny of all of baseball, it is hard to believe to think that players would do something like this, but it's also proof that ballplayers are businessmen at the end of the day and the commodity is themselves. Some players will still do anything to get an edge or is it possible that some just make a mistake? 

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