Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year 2013, brings hope for new Phillies team

It's a time of celebration, the New Year is here, and it won't be long until the sounds of baseball and peanuts and popcorn return to Florida with the ushering the new season. For the Phillies, it's a pivotal year. The success the team had enjoyed for most of the last 5-6 years had suddenly escaped last year, and now this year is one that will either put the team back on the winning track or see it sink down into an ebb.

The run of success for this team starting way back in 2007, culminating with the second World Championship in 2008 and then a return to the World Series in 2009. Since then though, the success that had been riding with the team has been diminishing.

A Happy, Healthy wish for this year's team, and the readers of the blog here. Make 2013 a great year all the way around.

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