Friday, January 04, 2013

Hamels is tops in Postseason strikeouts

Cole Hamels is starting to carve his own name in Phillies history more and more with each passing season. The Phillies didn't make the postseason in 2012, but the record for strikeouts in the postseason now belongs to him, as he passed Steve Carlton on the list in 2011 for a total of 77 strikeouts in the postseason.

Lefty held that record for years with a total mark of 76 strikeouts in the postseason that he accomplished in 1983, when he struck out Eddie Murray in the 1983 World Series in Baltimore on October 14th.

Cole Hamels started his postseason strikeouts with a first one in 2007 in the NLDS vs. Troy Tulowitzki on October 3rd. Hamels has since reeled off a total of 77 with the last one coming on October 4, 2011 with a strikeout of Jamie Garcia.

Hamels has 1307 K's in his Phillies career so far, and Steve Carlton racked up an amazing 4,136 strikeouts in his long career. 1,615 of those strikeouts were at Veteran's Stadium. A list of Steve Carlton's favorite strikeout victims looks like a 'who's who' of big home run hitters, and for your enjoyment, here's the list.

Steve Carlton's favorite strikeout victims during his career: (thanks to Baseball-Reference)

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