Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bullpen next area for Phils to address

The Phillies have made some strides to repair the areas where the team needed help. The last piece of the puzzle though is the bullpen, and the Phils still need a whole lot of help there.

In acquiring the Phils newest third baseman, Michael Young, the team also traded away a piece of the bullpen in Josh Lindblom, who came here from the Dodgers in the Shane Victorino deal.

Nate Schierholtz was not offered a contract from the Phillies this off-season. The Phillies traded one of their top offensive producers in Hunter Pence and now have nothing to show for that trade either.

The moves made by Ruben Amaro so far have not addressed this glaring need for the Phillies, they can't operate in the bullpen the way they did last year, as a lot of games were lost by the pen. We'll see what happens as the winter season sets in.


  1. I dont understand how you think that the Phillies now have nothing left from the Victorino and Pence trades.....

    Left from the Victorino Trade
    P Ethan Martin- A good young righthander that looks like a future #3 at worst. He had his best season of his career and is ranked as the 7th best player in the Phillies system.

    Left from the Pence trade.....
    C Tommy Joseph- The hair apparent to Chooch, has the potential to be on of the best catchers in the league. Solid defense and good looking bat. Ranked in the top 3 Phillies prospects.

    P Seth Rosin- Was one of the Giants top 20 prospects before the trade and the big (6'6") righthander could be a future starter or valuable bullpen piece.

    While there are currently no big league pieces, both of those trades will help the Phillies in the near future. Not to mention Schierholtz did nothing offensively in one of the most hitter friendly parks in the country and Lindblom was a solid player but he gave up to many flyballs and those ended up being HRs, solid pitcher but just does not fit in this ballpark.

  2. We'll keep watching these future prospects, but for now for me, I think we just gave both Pence and Victorino away for next to nothing.

    These were top quality players with Vic and Pence in my book, but we didn't get nearly enough back in return. I hope you're right about these young players, but time will tell.