Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Phillies make an effort to land BJ Upton

Though he's never been an All Star, the Phillies are seriously pursuing BJ Upton to be their center fielder for the Phillies for a least a few years. This is one of those times that has me scratching my head and trying to figure out why.

Upton may be a good center fielder but when it comes to his glove, his numbers speak loudly with his bat. He's never had a season of more than 82 RBI and he has hit with a lifetime average of .255 during his 8 year career. Last year he struck out a career high 169 times and turned in a .244 BA for the season. Is this the kind of player the Phillies want to sign to be their center fielder?

Perhaps the Phillies should stick to developing the skills of John Mayberry Jr. and improve this team in other areas. The kind of player Upton is really won't make an offensive mark on this team that the Phillies really need. The team sent Shane Victorino out to the Dodgers last year, and he has accomplished more than Upton in his career and has a much higher batting average, which is what the Phillies need.

Time is going to tell if the Phillies are successful in landing Upton but if you look at what Upton has done so far in his career, it doesn't speak of a player that is going to immediately make his presence known on this team that needs a spark on offense. 

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