Sunday, November 04, 2012

No contract extension for Ruiz, Phillies exercise option

Chooch gets option but not much else for '13

The area around New Jersey and up the coast of Northern New Jersey and New York and parts of PA are still trying to be back to some sort of semblance of normalcy with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, it's been hard for a lot of people to even think about baseball. We pick up the pieces and carry on, our lives try to regain that middle ground of stability and then we start thinking about our passions again. For this writer, it's baseball and here's hoping that a lot of help comes to the way of the Hurricane survivors to help them regain their lives and passions.

One player for the Phillies that played with a whole lot of passion and power last year was Carlos Ruiz. Carlos Ruiz played like superman last year for the Phillies. He's proven that his presence on the Phillies goes much deeper than just being a catcher, which is what most teams value most about a guy in that position.

Last year Carlos showed some really awesome offense to his already stellar defense. He's been in the majors for 7 years and last year was the first year he was crowned an All Star. Carlos turned it up a notch and helped out with some power with 16 HR and 68 RBI and 4 stolen bases. All of that in only appearing in 114 games. Did I mention he also had a .325 BA as well?

The Phillies could have signed Ruiz to an extension but didn't do that, instead they did pick up his $5M option for 2013, this season will pay Ruiz more than half of what he's already made in baseball so far. Ruiz has been a bargain for the Phillies as far as salary as compared to other players on the team is concerned. His pay was $425,000 in 2008 and $475,000 in 2009. Only a few years ago, the Phillies signed Ruiz to a contract that any significance to it, and even then according to baseball salaries, it was considered small.

The Phillies have so much money wrapped up into so few players, it's kind of easy to see now in the off season where some tweaks need to be made. Ruiz wouldn't be one of those tweaks. He's been a veteran catcher for years now, and the Phillies need stability elsewhere but probably should have tried to sign Ruiz to another 3 year deal but didn't.  

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