Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fightin Phillies bookshelf: Few and Chosen

The great run that the Phillies team has produced has resulted in a blossoming of new books about the team, every year now it seems that there is more and more written about the Phillies both past and present. A book that a lot of Phillies fans may want to have as a holiday gift this year is by Gary Matthews and Phil Pepe. It's called 'Few and Chosen: Defining Phillies Greatness Across The Eras'. The book is part of a series of 'Few and Chosen' books by Triumph Books of Chicago.

In the first sentence of the Preface in the book, you'll learn how Gary Matthews got his nickname, "Sarge." I am not going to tell you, you'll either have to read the book or listen to the next Phillies Talk Podcast that you can find right here on the website when we talk with Gary about this book, we are recording the show on Sunday.

If you like Phillies baseball, you're going to like this book. It's a collection of stories and player reviews that you might not have heard before. That is what is interesting about books like these, you learn a lot of new things about the team along the way. Gary Matthews selects the players that he believes makes up the all-time Phillies team and tells a little of his journey into major league baseball and eventually making his way onto the Phillies team.

A lot of current Phillies are in the book, as well as familiar names that you'll remember if you followed the team back in the 1980's when Gary Matthews played on the Phils. We're giving this a double thumbs up for a great off-season read and a nice addition to any Phillies fans collection.

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