Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yankees fall to 3-0, Detroit looks like World Series contender

The New York Yankees find themselves in a place that no team wants to be. The Yanks are down 3-0 in the ALCS and must win 4 games straight to get into the World Series. The team has gone through what the Phillies offense went through for a lot of this season.

The ALCS could be over for the Yankees as soon as tonight. The only player that was really producing for the Yankees was Derek Jeter, and he was lost with a broken ankle. Superstar Alex Rodriguez hasn't been a factor for the Yankees in the Division Series, so he's been benched a few games for the Yanks in the ALCS.

Rodriguez turned in a horrible Division Series with a .125 BA and 9 strikeouts. In 7 AB's in the ALCS, Rodriguez is batting .143 as he continues to be cold as ice. The rest of the Yankees offense isn't doing much better, Curtis Granderson is an incredible 0-10 in the 3 games of the series against Detroit.

Here's the Yankees roster sorted by Batting Avering in the ALCS so far:


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