Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Venezuelan players take spotlight this year

Two of the best baseball players in America this year aren't originally from the US, in fact they are both from the same country, Venezuela. Pablo Sandoval, World Series MVP and Miguel Cabrera, Triple Crown winner in the AL, for the Tigers are both from the South American country.

In fact, there were enough players in the World Series from Venezuela to field a baseball team (nine in all), Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez joked that maybe next year the MLB hold the World Series down in Venezuela. With certain things that the MLB does lately, you never know if they would take such an offer seriously.

Though this country may be boardering on socialist by it's reelected leader, Hugo Chavez, it doesn't stop the MLB from having a summer league there, called the Venezuelan Summer League. Rookies from the Phillies, Tigers,

Here's what NBC said about Chevez and his reelection, who doesn't always come across as a person who is friendly towards the US itself.

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