Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rollins gets analyst duties for postseason

The long time Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins may have found something he'll be happy to do when his playing career ends. Rollins did some analyst work for MLB Network for the Division playoff series over the past couple days, and appears to really like it.

Jimmy did a few segments of Diamond Demo, where players will visually show viewers what they mean when they are talking about certain situations in baseball, you can watch a segment here.

Rollins, who has 3 Gold Gloves, also did another segment on turning the double play. And the importance of where you play in the field when you're setting up to turn a double play.

Rollins finished the 2012 Phillies season with 23 HR and 68 RBI and lead the Phillies in many offensive categories this season. He also managed to raise the ire of fans and coaches by sometimes not running at full speed to bases, something he should be looking at in the off season, and trying to correct.

Rollins having fun with ESPN on a commercial he did a few years ago

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