Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rebuilding the Phillies in 2013: what's the priorities

The Phillies have a long offseason to correct the inconsistencies of the team. How they will do that will be the difference of whether or not the Phillies will be turning their flop of a season in 2012 to success in 2013.

One of the top priorities will have to be the bullpen. The team went into 2012 with a bullpen that was unprepared to compete properly with the personnel they had on the team. This includes superstar closer, Jonathan Papelbon. Papelbon finished with 6 losses and 4 blown saves. Pap gave up 8 HR and had 18 BB and 56 H in 70.0 IP but also added 90 strikeouts.

In 5 save opportunities, Antonio Bastardo had 4 blown saves. His effectiveness as a closer this season was near zero.  Bastardo finished 2012 with 5 losses gave up 40 H and 7 HR and 26 BB, pitching 52.0 innings.

Chad Qualls was one of the worst, if not worst, in the bullpen for the time he was with the Phillies in 2012. In 35 games, he gave up 7 HR and  9 BB and 9 K's in 35.0 IP. Had he continued any longer with this team, his numbers would have been much worse but mercifully, he was dealt to the Yankees on July 1st and after only 7.1 IP in long relief, he earned a win with them despite giving up 5 R on 10 H, he was dealt to the Pirates where he did poorly as well. I don't think anymore top contending teams would want Qualls on their team from this point on.

We'll look at some more areas that the Phillies need help in rebuilding. Ideally, they should have jettisoned some of the highly paid players on the team, for younger players that have proven results, but that isn't happening too quickly this off season and with Amaro's inability to make a good trade on the Phillies behalf, it doesn't appear that anything like that is going to happen. The Phils will remain a team with a bloated payroll in 2013, and the experiment to mirror itself and make deals and carry a high payroll like the Yankees have continues.

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