Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Postseason off to chilly start in Northeast

In the Northeast it's been chilly, in fact so chilly it's been downright cold. Unseasonable temperatures have been parked for the last few days at night in the entire Northeast portion of the country. It actually felt more like November temperatures in Baltimore in the past couple of days for the start of the Yankees/Orioles series down there.

Both games of the Yankees and Orioles series have felt like it was temperature in the 40's for playoff baseball along with it being damp and miserable out. The games were delayed by a rain front, but with a warming trend and some dry weather in the coming week, they should have no trouble getting the series in on time.

Despite that temperature, there was one of the greatest scores at home that I've ever seen by a runner, Ichiro didn't try to bowl the catcher over, he was out by 20 feet if he did, no, he just went around him! Great play!

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