Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Phils win but Nats clinch anyway

Nats claim ownership to top spot in NL East last night

The Phillies now know how the Nationals felt for a number of years when the Phillies were celebrating in front of them at the end of the season.

The grueling season had bestowed a special honor on the team that played the best all season last night in Washington DC, it wasn't the Phillies. The Nationals clinched their first NL East title last night in a light rain that sprinkled off and on during the game.

The Nats only needed either one win or Braves to lose once, and the title was all theirs. The Phillies at least held up their end of the bargain by winning last night in DC, but the Braves fell to the Pittsburgh Pirates by a score of 2-1 and gave the Nats their first NL East crown.

The Phillies dominance in the NL East is officially over, they are no longer on top, or even close to it for that matter. Since 2007, the Phillies team has been on a great run, sometimes these type of runs only come once every 10-20 years and certainly it's been one of the best periods of time ever in Phillies history.

We should be glad that we were able to have seen the team win 5 straight divsion titles and go to the World Series twice in a five year span. The top of the 5 year run had to be in 2008, when the team won it all. Last year, the Phillies broke the franchise record for most wins in a season, but now that's all just a memory.

This year, we'll have a long time to figure out where it all went wrong, the players will be spectators for the first time in 5 years on other teams that have played better than the way they did all season. There is always next year. We'll get 'em next year, but of course players on the team become another year older as well.

For the Nationals, it's a new era, a new found run of success. They enter the postseason without their ace starter, Stephen Strasburg, but that doesn't matter to the Nats, they aren't going to run him into the ground by pitching his arm off. That's kind of refreshing to see that kind of attitude. The team did what was best for the player, not just for the team.

The Phillies have 2 more games to play, and then it will be the off season, some of the players on this team won't make the team next year. The veterans of the Phillies watch as their team goes off the field as a near .500 team, hardly a successful run by any means this year.

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