Monday, October 22, 2012

It's San Francisco! They rallied to win 3 in a row to meet Tigers

The San Francisco Giants just happened to pull out all of the stops at the right time this year. They were down by an incredible 3-1 in the NLCS series, but didn't give up. They didn't want to 'shut it down' and think about next year, they just kept on Fightin! They also didn't drop any lead weights on the foot or anything foolish like that... Hey by the way, just how is Ryan Howard doing with that broken toe.

The Giants will be joining the Detroit Tigers for the World Series in 2012 and a former Phillies player, Hunter Pence probably couldn't be happy enough. Yes, that Hunter Pence, the same guy who played for the Phillies and we just practically gave him to the Giants.

Pence got the big hit early in the game against the Cardinals, and it was the hit that started to break the game open for the Giants. When Pence was with the Phillies he led in all the offensive categories  even for some time after he was gone. Ruben Amaro, chose to trade him away. I don't know why, but he decided he wanted to make the San Francisco Giants a whole lot better. Yes, he was unorthodox, but some me a player in the MLB who hustles and gets the job done like Pence has this year. He should have remained a Phillie.

I wonder if a team like the Giants would do that for the Phillies ever? No, I don't think so.

The Phillies should learn something from this NLCS series, the Phils have a team of overpaid superstars of guys who couldn't carry the team as a team and surely couldn't carry the team by themselves. A baseball team is kind of a balancing act, a mix of old and new and players who can get the job done on the field. Look at the World Series winners of 2008, they weren't the team that the Phillies have on the field today, neither is the salary. The team of 2008 though had the ingredients of success, something that is continually eluding this franchise now.

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