Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Highs and Lows of the 2012 Phillies season

A baseball season is a fairly long stretch, all the way from April to the beginning of October. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read a few of the posts here at and listen along to our podcast called Phillies Talk Podcast. We've expanded Phillies Talk a little this year, and it is now available at a lot of places you may be familiar with. Find the show on Stitcher Radio, iTunes, Doubletwist from Android podcasts,, and many other apps and of course my own site that began this year,

Here are some of the Phillies highlights from the 2012 season:

  • The Phils won the opening game of the season in '12, 1-0 vs Pittsburgh
  • Longest Phillies winning streak was 7 games, Sept 5th to Sept. 12th
  • Cole Hamels finished with 17 wins, most as a Phillies starter
  • Ryan Howard hit his 300th home run of his career
  • Jimmy Rollins hit his 2,000th hit of his career
  • Darin Ruf has 3 home runs in 8 games in his short MLB debut as of last night

Here are some of the low points of the Phillies season from 2012:
  • Phillies were as far as 20 GB as of August 22, 2012
  • They were only in first place once, April 5 when they won the '12 opener
  • Injuries forced Ryan Howard and Chase Utley to start their season late
  • Roy Halladay had a stint on the DL, and didn't look like himself late in the year
  • First season since 2007 that the Phillies are out of the playoffs

We've done a lot with the blog this year, had a few cool giveaways thanks to our sponsors of those giveaways! There were free books from a couple different authors, and couple different videos this year that were given away and it was great fun. 

The blog and podcast continue on year round, so stop by and see what's going on in the off-season as well.

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