Monday, October 08, 2012

Amaro's moves didn't make any sense in 2012

The season is over, and Ruben Amaro got together with the press and Charlie Manuel the other day to give his assessment of the Phillies and things that they may need to improve upon for next season.

Todd Zolecki reported in his blog, The Zo Zone, that a lot of the talk was about Jimmy Rollins. Some of that talk about Rollins wasn't all that flattering, namely his ability to leadoff, but as Zolecki pointed out, Rollins was actually one player that produced for the Phillies this season.

Strange moves have been made this season, trading Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino at a time when this team most needed them would be tops for me in this strange 2012 season for the Phillies. At the time Amaro traded Pence, he was the most productive player for the Phillies offense up to that point in the season.

Hunter Pence had 17 home runs and 59 RBI at the time he was traded to San Francisco,  he led the Phillies offense in home runs and RBI's up to that point, and for several weeks after he left. Maybe the Phillies couldn't retain him after this season, or didn't want to, but he was the Phillies offense up to that point, he produced. Ryan Howard and Chase Utley were easing their way back into everyday play by then, and weren't carrying this team for a while after their return. Pence went on to have 24 HR and 104 RBI on a full season, and he's a 'younger' player who is about to turn 30 years old in April 2013.

Shane Victorino was traded to the LA Dodgers after the trade deadline on July 31st 2012, after the All Star Break. Though he was a fan favorite and good hustling player, Victorino has never had a season that he has recorded 70 or more RBI. This was Victorino's contract year, his current contract with the Phillies expired after this season. Victorino has 3 Gold Gloves and 2 All-Star game appearances. He wasn't the one who carried the Phillies offense on his back ever.

Baseball is about chemistry, and the constant changing of lineups and different players being inserted into the lineup never really gave the team a solid chemistry to build on. Yes, it's been done before, platooning players in a position here and there, but what we saw from the Phillies this year was more changes that you should have made on a Major League team this year.

Amaro dealt these two players off to a contender, a contender for the same goals that the Phillies had this year. How do you trade two good players off to teams that play directly against you and will be playing against you? The Phillies didn't receive proper compensation for either one of the two players.

The Phillies received Nate Schierholtz (and 2 minor leaguers) for Pence, but Nate isn't near the same player that Pence is. The comparison is not even close. Not that Schierholtz can't play, but that he hasn't accomplished as much as Pence has yet. For Shane Victorino, the trade was similar. The Phillies didn't really get anything in return for Vic, they received Josh Lindblom and 3 minor leaguers. Again, not a deal for the Phillies at all.

Ruben was quoted as saying "Centerfield will be something we'll have to address in the offseason". I didn't know the Phillies already had a solid and steady left fielder and right fielder lined up...      

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