Thursday, September 13, 2012

Swept into playoffs mode, goal is within reach for Phils

While the World Series may be a stretch, can the Phils at least get into the playoffs?

The Phillies are in a peaking position. They've been winning at the right time, when they need to the most. This winning streak has lead to a winning record, finally, and a quest of a different sort. The quest for a playoff spot.

The Phils seem to have some extra gas in their tank, like a hockey team that has come onto the ice for the 3rd period and just go out and give it their all.

Two sweeps in a row, and now the Phillies head down to a series with a team (The Houston Astros) that only has 45 wins on the season, and it will be the last time the Phillies ever play this franchise as a National League opponent as the Astros will move to American League next year.

The St. Louis Cardinals lost on Wednesday night, and that loss has afforded to get the Phillies within 3.0 games on a Wild Card berth with 19 games to play. The Cardinals have been losing in bunches, this was there 3rd lost in a row on Wednesday night and the Pittsburgh Pirates have dropped an incredible 5 in a row to a record of 72-69 as this race for the extra Wild Card spot is proving to be an attractive prize on a team that is still in the hunt for it.

In years gone by, the extra Wild Card spot didn't exist, so the race for something that wasn't there anyway didn't exist. In other words, you really didn't have too much to play for after the fact that you wouldn't make the playoffs at all. This addition of an extra Wild Card matchup originally had been met with a lot of disapproval including myself, but I must admit, it's been adding a lot of interest to a part of the season that used to be just not as interesting.

The Phillies were written off by a lot of people, but not by themselves, they haven't won anything yet, and still have a somewhat horrible record. The wind is blowing well for the team though, with a lot of wind in their sails.

Since Aug 31st, the Phils have been magnificent with even another win on Wedneday:

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