Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Phils winning but still face outside chance for playoffs

Phillies playoff odds are still incredibly slim, as the season winds down to 21 games left

The season may be coming down to a lot of 'what ifs'. What if the Phillies won a couple more games than they did? The team has been winning more frequently of late, but it may not be enough to get into the playoffs as the odds of them making it are still only 1.5 percent according to the calculations on ESPN.com

In the NL East, it is near a lock that the Washington Nationals will win the NL East for the first time ever, and the Atlanta Braves will also get into the playoffs as well. It may be the first time in 5 seasons that the defending champions of the NL East, the Phillies, do not make the playoffs.

The Phillies are still a full 17 GB out of the first place, with perhaps the most glaring part of the season being their home record which they still have more losses than wins at 36-37. What if they won more home games this year? The Phils have won 8 out of their last 10 games, and reeled off 5 wins in a row, so they are getting hot at the time they really need to.

Can the Phillies still make the playoffs? Yes, they must continue to play at the winning pace that they have been playing at to have the best chance. Teams above them like the Pirates, Dodgers, and Cardinals would have to continue to lose as all of these teams did last night.

The Brewers are also getting hot at this time, and are tied with the Phillies now at 5 games back for the final playoff spot. The Diamondbacks are 6 GB in the wild card as well, so there are a lot of teams vying for the playoff spot that before never would have existed without the change that the MLB made prior to the start of the 2012 season, when they added another playoff Wild Card chance.

The Phils are still under .500 on the season, now they have almost reached the elusive .500 level at 70-71 on the season. Would a .500 season be termed a success for this team? Not at all, this season was still a really bad year for this team. They did have some injury issues, but the season was mired in a haze of losses that continued to pile up on them for most of the season.

Just consider this fact, though he's been gone for over a month, the leader on this team in home runs (tied with Jimmy Rollins) is still Hunter Pence, he is also tied for the lead in RBI's with Carlos Ruiz for the top spot with 59 on the team. That doesn't sound like a player that you should have traded does it?

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