Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Phils slip overnight to 4 GB without playing

Phils vs Mets resumes tonight from Citi Field

The Phils and the Mets were postponed last night, due to a large rain storm that was packing 50-60 mph winds. The game will be rescheduled for Thursday when the Phillies were supposed to have a day off before heading home and welcoming in the Atlanta Braves and the Washington Nationals to head into the last dozen games of the season.

The team then travels down to Miami next weekend and then ends the season in Washington with 3 games on October 1, 2, and 3.

The St. Louis Cardinals won last night and increased the Phillies deficit to 4.0 GB today, without the Phillies even playing.

The Houston series summed up the season for this team, the Phillies needed to go in there and win at least 3-4 from the Astros, and despite them being the worst team in the league, the Phillies couldn't deliver and tumbled down in the wild card race. On September 12th the team had won 7 in a row, and was 3.0 GB in the Wild Card. The Cardinals lost a couple games in the period the Phillies were losing to the Astros, with more wins in Houston they could be only 1.0 game out of the Wild Card today.

The run for the extra wild card spot has kept a lot of fans interested. Let's not confuse this race for success in the season. This Phillies team didn't meet the expectations set by the players and certainly didn't meet the fan's expectations.

In two weeks, the season will end, and then all of the baseball pundits will try to figure out where this team went wrong. Yes, we had injuries this year, but those injuries alone didn't cause this collapse by the Phillies alone.

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