Friday, September 14, 2012

Phillies say goodbye to Astros this series

The Houston Astros are in the last few weeks of season as being in the National League. This will be the last series that the Phils and the Astros will play as National League foes.

They started off as the Houston Colt 45's and kicked off the 1962 season as the new kids on the block in the National League along with the brand new New York Mets team with the 1962 expansion of the National League.

The run as the Colt 45's was brief, only three seasons. After 1964, the team was renamed as it had a new home in the Houston Astrodome, and the Houston Astros were born. The Houston Astrodome was a premier place to play baseball in 1965, and the stadium was home to the Astros until the end of the 1999 season.

The move to the Astrodome also gave the Houston Astros a new logo and was used by the team for 10 seasons until 1974, when the Astros yet started to change again. In January 1975, a Houston Astros pitcher was found dead in a car in an apparent suicide or horrible accident by carbon monoxide poisoning. His death was listed as accidental, and his wife suffered a broken jaw, but stated she didn't know how she suffered the injury. The pitcher's name was Don Wilson and his son was also killed in this horrible incident, as well as his wife and daughter being injured. Read more about this story here at

A lot more of the Houston Astros history could fill a volumes of blog posts, there were many great stories and memories that the Astros created along the way. The move in the year 2000 to the Minute Maid Park was phenomenal for the Astros, they had a brand new home after the Astrodome was suffering after years of decline. The new stadium opened as Enron Field, a name that would become synonymous with scams and fraud just after this in 2001. Enron was a Houston based company that was the biggest companies in the world with electricity and natural gas, and other businesses. The multi-billion dollar business went bust in 2001, with such large holdings as many pipelines, electrical production plants, and more.

The Houston Astros brought down the Enron Field name in favor of Houston Astros Field until the association with Minute Maid Park was announced.

A Phillies player had the first hit in the Enron Field, it was Doug Glanville who had the first ever hit in the new stadium, a single to right field.

Yes, the memories of the Astros are many. Who can forget the Killer B's? Biggio and Bagwell. Names from baseball history like J.R. Richard, and Jose Cruz, and of course Nolan Ryan.

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