Sunday, September 16, 2012

Phillies Frandsen almost makes historical milestone

A snapshot of Reyes who bobbled the ball and was charged with his 16th error of the year

For the past couple weeks or more, the venerable, had a fun milestone that it was tracking in Major League Baseball. The website had calculated that there was going to be 500,000 errors in baseball since it all began way back in 1876.

That 500,000th error was supposed to happen sometime over the weekend, and indeed it did. The website has a disclaimer that this is just a fun stat that it was watching as the milestone started to get closer, admits that it may be less than perfect and also says that sometimes the MLB takes away errors, sometimes even days later.

Nonetheless, it was pretty fun to watch as the number got closer. On Saturday night, September 15th, the milestone was met. Before I tell you who did it, there is a Phillies connection to the story.

Kevin Frandsen is not really a natural third baseman, he is sort of a journeyman who has played a lot of positions on a few different major league teams. He's played third base for 43 games for the Los Angeles Angels back in 2010 and committed 5 errors during that span. On Saturday night, Frandsen appeared in his 36th game as a Phillies 3rd baseman, and almost took the crown of the supposed 500,000th error when he committed a throwing error in the 7th inning of the game with the Phillies and Houston Astros last night.

Baseball-Reference calculated that Frandsen's error was number 499,998 only 2 away from the 500k feat, and the games played on to find a winner.

The next error was Joaquin Arias, a third baseman for the San Francisco Giants. Joaquin's error was 499,999. The winner would be next.

The supposed 500,000th error in the Major Leagues was courtesy of Jose Reyes, of the Miami Marlins, who went 3-4 and contributed to the Marlins win over the Cincinnati Reds. Reyes made an error in his 144th game with the Marlins this year at shortstop, the error was the 16th on the year by Reyes. Sixteen is around the average amount of errors in a full season by Reyes, but on this night, he's made a milestone according to, a fun little sidebar to the 2012 season by that website.

Phillies player milestone for today, September 16th ....

Today was Mike Schmidt's first home run as a Phillies player. He was a September call up and the home run enabled the Phillies to win the game on September 16, 1972 at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia vs. the Montreal Expos. Schmidt went on to hit 548 homers in the MLB during his career.

From Paul Kertz's book 162-0 Imagine a Phillies Perfect Season ... buy your copy here


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