Thursday, September 27, 2012

Phillies fans new target is a familiar face

Someone should tell Jayson Werth that he isn't going to win this battle.

Werth drew a line in the sand when he was injured in Washington on a play where he slid on the field and this wrist didn't do too well with the impact. Some Phillies fans at the Nationals stadium cheered and or jeered Werth after the incident happened. Immediately after it happened, of course they had no idea that he had broken his wrist.

Jayson took his complaint to the press almost immediately. He actually took the time to write to the Washington Post reporter that was covering the Nationals named Adam Kilgore. He complained that it made him sick to his stomach that fans would yell and be happy because he suffered an injury.

What Werth didn't realize though is that he was a Phillie and he had left the team for more money and deserted the very fans that used to cheer him. What would he expect everyone to be? Of course you shouldn't wish anything bad to anyone but maybe it was there way of expressing their discontent that he was no longer a Phillie.

It happened again last night in Philly though. The boos are getting louder and the fans are starting to take a dislike to a player they used to love. Jayson Werth should know that it isn't personal, but with his not throwing a ball up to fans last night, he's crossed a line with them and they will always win in the end.

This morning on the Angelo Cataldi show, a very mad Angelo made a point that Phillies fans should give Werth the 'business' tonight. Boo, boo, and more boo, whatever it takes to make him feel unwelcome here now. That's what will probably happen too, it's a battle that Werth won't win and probably will open more sore feelings with him. He shouldn't take on a beast like the Phillies fans can be when provoked and prodded.

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