Thursday, September 27, 2012

Phillies close out home season for 2012 tonight

Maybe the Phillies players should take their spot on the dunk tank after this season

The Phillies lost to the Washington Nationals last night in the second game of the final series at home of the 2012 season. The Phillies record against the Nats though is still a winning one, the season series with them is at 8-6, with 4 more games between the two teams left.  Tonight is the last game at home for the Phillies this year.

41,440 watched baseball in Philadelphia last night as the Phils just never recovered from some early runs put on the board by the Nationals who have won the NL East for the first time as a franchise.

The Phillies season is one for the books, no one could have predicted that this team would finish so poorly, and look so bad for most of the season. The Phils are now an incredible 40-40 at home this season, so one more home game will tell if they can at least go out with more wins than losses at home.

To put the way the Phillies finished this year in perspective, the team now sits at .503 with a 78-77 season, about the same as the Pittsburgh Pirates or Arizona Diamondbacks in the standings. The major problem with the comparison is that the Phillies payroll this year was $174.5M and the other two teams of the Pirates ($63.4M) and Diamondbacks ($74.2M) combined do not even equal the Phillies payroll this year.

The Phillies fans supported this team fully this year, the team has drawn more fans than any other NL team so far this season. The fans supported the team even though the standings were like they were. Despite it being a tough season, with the Phillies being back by as much as 20 games out of first and presently are 16 GB. A lot of the tickets were sold before the season even started though, as Phillies fans wanted to get their tickets early and didn't anticipate the team would turn in a season like this.

Here's a list of teams by attendance in 2012 along with the average age of players and the managers of each team:


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