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Phillie Memories: Pete Rose and his never heard before interview


The signing of Pete Rose to the Phillies happened from a combination of things, the local TV outlet that showed Phillies games to the home viewers, and a willingness for Pete Rose, who wanted to come play in Philadelphia. There were other deals on the table, but Rose really wanted to play in front of Phillies fans.

Maury Z. Levy interviewed Pete Rose for Philadelphia Magazine back in 1979, and this never before heard interview will be heard for the first time here at and a couple of other blogs, thanks to Maury’s permission and his sending us the information along with his website

Pete Rose was never lost for words, he comments here on why he thinks his salary is more than justified and he’s one of the best in baseball. Back in 1979, a million dollars was still a lot of money to be paid as a Major League ballplayer, Rose's salary was for 4 years and $3.325 M 

Click here to Listen to the interview

Maury also did a controversial interview for Playboy magazine with Pete Rose later in the year in 1979. Here is some of the text of that interview:

PLAYBOY: Have you analyzed the Phillies' problems? The team seems to fold during play-off games. What do you think?

ROSE: I don't know, they just ran into bad breaks. They don't play with the same aggressiveness in the play-offs that they do in the season, it seems like. Why? I don't know. It's just experience. If we get in the series this year, things will be all right.

PLAYBOY: And what if you don't make it to the world series?

ROSE: Well, I can't do everything.

PLAYBOY: One of your trademarks is the headfirst slide into first base. Have you always done it that way?

ROSE: Yeah, always did it that way. I used to practice that. I used to practice in the swimming pool all the time, used to always dive in the swimming pool like that. Exactly like you're playing baseball. That's about the only place you can practice that without getting hurt.

PLAYBOY: Why do you do that? Some people think it's just to showboat.

ROSE: Showboat, shit. It's just the easy way to slide and the fastest. And the safest, I think.

PLAYBOY: Is that how you got the nickname Charlie Hustle?

ROSE: No, that came in 1963, in spring training. Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford gave it to me because I ran to first every time I got a walk.

You can read the whole interview that Maury did for Playboy with Pete Rose here at Maury’s blog

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