Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lee suffers another Phillies offense let down

The Phils shopped Lee this year, will he be a Phillie next year?

It's been consistent for Cliff Lee for most of this season. The Phillies just haven't scored runs for him when he has been the starting pitcher this season. The Phillies only scored 1 run during the game last night in Miami, and mercilessly, Lee didn't get the loss in this game.

The Phillies have scored 0-2 runs in 10 of Cliff Lee's 29 starts this year. All of those games ended up with Lee being 0-7 because of it, last night was a no-decision for Lee. It's very hard to win a game when you just don't score runs. It happened again last night in Miami for Lee, who may get the last start of the season for the team in Washington on October 3rd.

Run totals and number of games in which the Phillies scored for Lee's starts:

  • 0 runs = 1
  • 1 run = 6
  • 2 runs = 3


Cliff Lee has had 5 games in which he has had 10 strikeouts or more this season. His record in those games is 1-2 with 2 no-decisions.

Incredibly, the season went to July 4th until Cliff Lee got his first win. To get to that point, Cliff Lee was 0-5 in 13 starts for the Phillies, including a string of 8 no-decisions for him. In his last three starts in June, Lee was not pitching his best baseball, he surrendered 5, 5, and 6 ER during that stretch before he turned it around and pitched much better in the second half of the season after the all-star break.

Phils lose the first one down in Miami last night in the bottom of the 9th, after they had the table set for them in the top of the 9th and John Mayberry Jr. struck out to end the Phillies threat. These are hits you have to make as a major leaguer, if you want to be a star. Mayberry Jr. is a good ballplayer, but he is just not a star player.

A strange move by Charlie Manuel last night, not allowing Darin Ruf to bat and he pinch hit for Laynce Nix instead when the Phillies were threatening. Some of Charlies moves leave you wondering why? He's done this again and again, and no one calls him out on these strange moves.

Five more games left in this 2012 season, and maybe the Phillies should allow the called up minor leaguers to get in there and take this team into the offseason.

Oh yeah, if you read the blog yesterday, you would have known that with just 1 more loss the Phillies are out of the playoffs, last night was that loss and they are out for 2012. A major let down, and complete failure by this team that should see a lot of changes in the off-season, and will have plenty of off-season posts on this.

Funny ... but true. This is a screenshot from the Boston Herald this morning.. how could they get this wrong???


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