Saturday, September 01, 2012

Kratz and Frandson making the most of 2012 for Phillies

Roy Halladay doesn't like that Atlanta heat and humidity

If there are many positive things to remember about this season after it is all over, for me will be the playing of some unlikely heroics by a couple of players that came up from the Phillies minors. Erik Kratz has been in the minors for years, he started playing in 2003, and has stayed with it ever since even knowing that his dream of making it to the big leagues was starting to diminish with each passing year that he didn't make it onto a big league roster.

Last night, Kratz took a real hard collision at the plate from Chipper Jones, and then was able to put a baseball deep into the Atlanta sky for a massive home run that tied up a game that was in the 9th inning and didn't look too good for the Phillies with the Atlanta closer on the mound. The Phils take this game, 8-5 in the 10th inning.

Kevin Frandson has had a few trips up to the big leagues in his baseball career, but the trips were brief and he found himself back in the minors again after playing for the SF Giants and the LA Angels for a combined 200 plus games over a few stints with them. He started his professional baseball career in 2004, and now with the Phillies he's logged 30 games and is batting .357 in those games. He had a 4 hit day just on 8/30 against the Mets, it kind of seems like Frandson can play the game of baseball pretty well.

The Phillies took the first game in Atlanta and they are now 8 GB in the Wild Card. It's now a proven fact that Roy Halladay doesn't do well pitching in high heat and humidity, there has been many games that we've seen that so far from him in the past year or so. Halladay didn't get the win in this one either, in his 4.2 innings, he gave up 4 runs, of those two were home runs. A rough start for Halladay again.

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