Sunday, September 23, 2012

Howard's 300th HR of his career, the Atlanta connection

On September 22, 2012, Ryan Howard hit another milestone in his career with his 300th home run of his career. Howard of course has hit all of those as a Phillies player. He started with his first home run of his career back in 2004 on September 11th when he took Bartolome Fortunato deep in New York against the Mets.

It didn't take Howard long to reach 100 HR's in his career, that came back in 2007, on June 27th in Philadelphia vs. Aaron Harang and the Reds. Ryan was an early fan favorite in his career as the crowd is always dazzled by the long ball, and Howard has delivered plenty of those.

Ryan Howard was drafted in the 5th round of the amateur draft in 2001, and made his Major League debut on September 1, 2004. This highest home run total in a season with the team was in 2006, when at 26 years of age, Ryan smacked 58 HR's and drove in 149 runs. In the World Series winning season of 2008, Howard had his next highest total with 48 HR's and 146 RBI in the regular season.

Ryan Howard's season for this year didn't begin until July 6th, he was on the DL for the months of April, May, June and the first 5 days of July. He's still salvaged a decent season accumulating 14 HR and 55 RBI so far in 66 games.

Breaking down Howard's 300 home runs:

Team with most HR's against career: Atlanta - 42
Total HR hit at home at CBP career: 151
70 of Ryan's 300 HR came with 2 pitches
96 of Ryan's 300 HR came with 2 outs

Ryan Howard will face Tim Hudson today, with a home run against Hudson today, Howard can make Hudson tie with Chris Volstad as the pitchers that he has hit the most home runs against. Volstad has given up 8 HR's to Howard while Hudson is sitting at number two on the list with 7 HR's against.

Baseball aficionados sometimes debate the ratio of Ryan's strikeouts to his home run hitting ratio, and going for the long ball a lot has probably contributed to the increase of strikeouts by Howard. In the past few years, Howard has seen a decrease in strikeouts in number but an increase in the strikeouts per home run ratio. This due to not playing as many games in a season, especially with the injury season this year.

In 2008, Howard had 4.145 strikeouts for every home run hit, and this year the figure is at 6.5 strikeouts for every home run. The all-time leader for this stat with over 300 HR is Joe DiMaggio with a 1.022 strikeout to home run ratio. DiMaggio didn't really strikeout that much in a season, in his 13 year Major League career.

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