Monday, September 03, 2012

Farewell Chipper, couldn't happen soon enough for Phils

Chipper Jones is set to retire after 19 years, all with the Braves

Phillies fans will remember Chipper Jones in his last year, if this is indeed his last year. The way he has been playing against the Phillies though, Chipper may want to re-consider his retirement after this season.

It happened again yesterday in Atlanta, the Braves were in striking range of the Phillies lead with runners on and Chipper Jones at the plate. First base was open and we could have walked him, but the decision was made to pitch to Jones.

What happened next was only the second time this year that a player on the Braves hit a walk-off winner against the Phillies, yes you guessed it, Chipper Jones.

When the pitch left Jonathan Papelbon's hand and sailed right down the middle into Chipper's wheelhouse, it then flew 15 rows back into deep center field to give Papelbon his 4th blown save of the year, and his 6th loss as a Phillie. These are pitches that we thought Papelbon would be able to make and succeed with this season, but he hasn't really lived up to the 'stopper' reputation this season.

Larry 'Chipper' Jones now has 468 career home runs, with 9 walk-off home runs, 2 of which came from the Phillies this season alone, back on May 2nd against Brian Sanches. The home run off of Sanches back in May broke a 13-13 tie and gave Atlanta the win in the bottom of the 11th inning, and of course last night's walk-off that came at the expense of Jonathan Papelbon.

Just like Ryan Howard has hit the most home runs against the Braves so far in his career with 40, Chipper Jones home run last night has tied the Phillies along with the Mets with the most home runs he has hit against another team with 49 each. The Braves play both the Phillies and Mets more this season, so that career number will change if Chipper hits more home runs against either team.

The Phillies now have 5 wins and 10 losses on the season against this Braves team this year. Interestingly, the Phillies also have the same record against the New York Mets at this point in the season, they only are 5-10 against the Mets. Against the NL East leaders, the Washington Nationals, the Phils are 7-5 so far with 6 mores games against the Nats until the end of the season.

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