Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Even steven - after 142 games we're even

How sweet it is... Even after 142 games, the Phillies will have gotten back to even and the season just doesn't seem like such a much as it did.

The bright hopes of playoff fever have crept into the scene as the Phillies have started to peak and play much better baseball over the past 10 games or more.

Let's not fool ourselves, this team should have done much better, and even if they did make the playoffs, there is still a lot to be said about what went wrong this year. The missed opportunities, and lost games have all contributed to this 71-71 season so far.

Let's look ahead though, if the Phillies can continue to run the table, they might be in for a win total in the mid-80's or so.

Roy Halladay notched his 10th win of the season, with some help from the Phillies bullpen. He practically threw a tantrum though when Charlie Manuel came out of the dugout to take him out. That's a bit of emotion from Halladay, but when you're in front of 40,000 at the ballpark, and a couple hundred thousand watching at home it's very noticeable. Manuel used to stay with Halladay all of the time, but now made a wise move to get him out of the game, no matter what Halladay thought about it.

The magic number where the Phillies can't win the division is now 4, any combination of Phillies losses and National wins moves the number. The good news is the Phillies have closed some ground on the final Wild Card spot, they are now just 4.0 GB for that with a lot of games to go yet.

It's late afternoon baseball today, the Phillies and the Marlins from CBP, at 4:05 PM


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