Friday, September 28, 2012

Crash, boom, bang - Phillies season putters out of postseason - 1 game to elimination

We may dub this season the 'Phillies Train Wreck Season'...

It happened again last night, the Phillies lost. We're kind of getting used to that now, the Phillies have dropped to .500 again and have a 78-78 record. The loss to the Nationals was just what this team needs to look at in order to improve.

The Phillies were outplayed by a younger, hungier and more aggresive team that now owns the spot that the Phillies used to own. They were beat by the NL East Champion, Washington Nationals.

That sounds so strange when you say that out loud, the NL East Champion (with a magic number of 3), Washington Nationals. That's what they are though with a magic number of only 3 to win it, the Phillies are now dangling by a thin thread with only 1 more game between them and total elimination from the second Wild Card spot.

The Phils play this year was pathetic, and they don't even deserve to be in the playoffs, if they were in the playoffs we'd probably be speaking about a different sport. I am kind of glad the MLB isn't like the NHL or NBA that seemingly lets any team into the playoffs. No, this Phillies team didn't make the cut this year and we'll have a whole off-season to find out why.

Even more important, the Phillies home record is settled for his year, and you guessed it, they have a losing record at home in front of their hometown fans. 40-41 is the best this team could give us from home this year. 41 losses is a lot of losses to add up when you are talking about a total of 78 losses. Had things change and they were able to make up some of those losses and turned them into wins, we could be talking about the post season, but we're not.

Another game, another loss. Mercilessly, there is only 6 more games left in this season. The Phils end this season on the road with 3 games in Miami and then up to face the NL East Champions for 3 games and they go home, not to CBP, but to their own houses to watch playoff caliber baseball on tv this year.

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